How do you tell people you are in SA?

You can say that you are addicted to Nicotine.  They probably will congratulate you for quitting cigarettes and joining SA – Smokers Anonymous

Or you can say you are a student or a writer and you are working on an Essay.  Either way, let’s face it, sex addicts are not generally thought highly of in today’s world.  All you hear about is the latest rape and sex offense on the news.  Once you get caught by the FBI you are “smeared” for life.

SA & S-Anon International Conventions

Have you been to a Sexaholics Anonymous convention?  Visit the complete history on the Wiki SA site – Sexaholics Anonymous

Sexual addiction (sometimes called sex addiction) is a conceptual model devised in order to provide a scientific explanation for sexual urges, behaviors, or thoughts that appear extreme in frequency or feel out of one’s control—in terms of being a literal addiction to sexual activity.

Hypersexuality is a related continuous theoretical construct. Higher hypersexuality has been associated with addictive or obsessive personalities, escapism, psychological disorders, low self-esteem, self-destructive behavior, lowered sexual inhibitions, and behavioral conditioning.

Medical studies and related opinions vary among professional psychologists, sociologists, clinical sexologists, and other specialists regarding whether “sexual addiction” is a medical, physiological, and psychological addiction, and whether it is representative of a psychological/psychiatric condition at all.  Source