Keep your opinions to yourself

How many times have you heard that?  Ever met a bully? Know anyone who is a bully?  Ever heard of the “bleeding deacon and the elderly statesman”?  You know what they say about opinions and a**holes?

We are very, very concerned about what other people think?  In fact, our entire program is based upon the principle of “we are many and varied”.  Thus, we encourage feedback – good, bad or indifferent.

Tools designed to encourage participation

  1. Reply to any of our pages and blogs anonymously Read more
  2. Leave an anonymous comment online in our Q&A Section
  3. Send us an email to
  4. Respond to our Online Survey
  5. Complete New Meeting Form online
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  7. Attend our regular Website Committee meetings
  8. Give us a Phone Call (available to Members ONLY)


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