Connecting SA members 365 days/year via teleconference all over the globe

world_flatAttend a live Sexaholics Anonymous teleconference meeting with others around the world who are seeking sobriety.  SA began in 1979. The phone meetings began in the winter 2002 when folks in Philly were snowed in and could not physically get to a meeting. This website originated on April 13, 2009 out of mere desperation from a fellow SA member who believed in carrying the message, to help himself stay sober. Our singleness of purpose is to aid in providing timely and accurate information to the newcomer, as well as existing members of Sexaholics Anonymous. FAQs

Incidentally, when the Original Phone Meeting Flyer was first published it began on Yahoo SA Online.  Then in 2010 the Virtual Intergroup (VIG) was established to help facilitate the schedule of meetings and moved the PDF document to

“I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of S.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.” The phone meetings have experienced tremendous growth and structure improvements. Below are some of the highlights:

Popularity of the Internet

Averaging 6,000 hits/month in 2009 and over 30,000 hits/month in 2010 Statistics  In 2013, we averaged over 50,000 hits per month.

Today the Internet is as common as a phone call. In fact, most people do both from same device. However, our culture is filled with sexual vices and the world wide web is no exception. Even though SAPhoneMeeting and other recovery websites related to sex addiction may only play a small role in addressing this epidemic, it’s definitely worth it.

Quality Teleconference

On 11/1/11, it was decided that we switch to a more reliable vendor because the phone lines were very unpredictable. The primary access phone line was busy many times or went down all together.

Thus, people were unable to connect for a meeting and it was very confusing. Flyer Eventually, we will be offering additional features which allow the call organizer to mute all the lines, which continues to be the #1 challenge. Hopefully, we will no longer need a backup number.


Group Conscience meetings: Massive leadership to help secretary the vast supply of meetings and Virtual Intergroup

Updates to phone system:
781-222-0034, 13mtgs in 2004
623-218-1094, 32 mtgs in 2008 | Flyer
218-339-3505, 4/2009 | Flyer
712-338-8720, 5/2009 | Flyer
712-432-5620, 7/2012
858-200-4900 changed to 605-475-6700, 7/20/2012
218-339-2699 changed to 267-507-0400, 8/21/2013

New meetings started:
9:05 PM ET Sunday “Fetishes” topic meeting (inception ’09)
6:30 AM GMT Daily Sobriety Renewal in UK (inception ’09)
12:00 PM ET Daily Discussion (inception 7/13/09)
9:05 PM ET Friday Discussion (inception 12/17/09)
10:15 PM ET Daily Reflections (inception 12/17/09)
8:00 PM ET Saturday Women Only (inception 4/28/10)
8:00 AM ET Daily Discussion (inception 6/6/10)
7:30 PM ET Tue, Wed & Thu (inception 10/1/10)
6:25 AM ET “Next 24” DSR (inception 2/1/11)
3:00 PM ET Sun Women Only (inception 6/12/11)
9:05 PM ET Sat Mixed Discussion (inception 3/1/12)
7:00 PM GMT Wednesday Skype (inception 5/1/12)
9:30 AM & 12:00 PM GMT Thursday Skype (inception 5/1/12)
7:00 AM ET Beginner Step 712-432-0600 61-2034 (inception 11/21/12)
9:00 PM ET Sun Men w/Same Sex Attraction (inception 8/21/2013)
7:00 AM ET Wed “Step Into Action” (inception 10/1/2013)
5:00 AM ET Tue-Sat Discussion (inception 2/1/2014)
9:15 AM ET Mon-Sat Daily Reflections (inception 3/31/14)
7:00 AM ET Daily Meditation (inception 1/28/15)

Occasionally, there are different meetings listed on the VIG hosted flyer of listings.

Archives / Old #s:
1:30am 267-507-0400 34-9956
6:25am 267-507-0400 34-9956

Sun 9:05pm Old # / Changes with
267-507-0400 34-9956
605-475-6006 349-956
712-832-8310 763-6210

Sun 09:00pm Men with Same Sex Lust
712-832-8310 571-4272


We currently have a total of 112 SA phone meetings/week.
This includes 11 Skype/VOIP meetings, 9 meetings that meet daily (63) and 32 other meetings on various days throughout the week.

Connecting Sexaholics 365 days per year across the Globe