Three Legacies

Service, Recovery and Unity.

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I have strong desire to stay sober today and want to do as much service as humanly possible!

Sobriety is my #1 priority.

It’s more important than my 13 year marriage, 8 yr son,  almost 11 yr daughter, and my job/career.

Because if I dont stop the obsessive lust compulsion, I wont have anything.

The point is, I’m just very fragile. I dont need to lobby in front of a bunch of sick people “why I want to volunteer and be a trusted servant”.

Someone hurt my feelings Thursday because I asked about the pin #, criticizing my “dialogue”.

If you need help, and I currently have extra time I want to get involved. I was excited to manage the script on Wed and Friday but if someone else wants to do it I will stay out of the way. I fully recognize the value of service.


Here is my recovery history:

* 1990 found Narcotics Anonymous

* 1992 began AA & Alanon

* 1995 began SLAA & SA

* NA/AA sobriety date: 11/7/1996

* 2002 married

* 2013 began SAA

I’ve ALWAYS had job(s) in 12 step recovery since I started my journey and took it seriously (23 years straight). I could never repay what the program(s) have given me.

As far as Sex Addicts Anonymous is concerned, I’m relatively new. I want to take it slow.

My inner circle begins with Adultery (13 years) and I include strip clubs and adult video stores.

I struggle with middle circle behavior: masturbation, pornography, Sports Illustrated swimsuit, Victoria Secret, staring @ women, flirting with women, using the language of lust, watching TV/Movies and fantasy.

The greatest thing I’ll ever become is “human”. I committed fornication from age 18-34. I’m now 47 and still breathing. I’m guity of sin perhaps ever since early childhood. Alot of what I hear at meetings is about developing a “moral compass”.