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Numbers in parenthesis above along with additional announcements

  1. All meetings are English speaking, closed, mixed gender and book or step-study unless otherwise specified. Certain meetings have a custom tailored script available for download that has been approved by their “Group Conscience”. This meeting format is listed with a link next to each meeting time. The following “Step Study” meetings read from Step Into Action books (e.g. Wed 7am, Tue 12pm, Tue-Thu 7:30pm, and Thu 9:05pm).
  2. Daily Sobriety Renewal (DSR) is not the same as a conventional meeting. We read a series of questions together and then answer accordingly. We ask all callers to limit their shares, so everyone has an opportunity to answer the list of questions. Our real goal is to hear the question and say yes in our hearts, and respond with one or two sentences.
  3. Twelve (12:00) AM (Midnight) has a DSR on Mon, Wed, Fri and a book or step-study on Sun, Tue, Thu, Sat. Military time is represented as 0000 or 2400 hours. For clarity and to avoid ambiguity, airlines & railroads use 12:01 AM for an event beginning the day, and they use 11:59 PM for ending it (e.g. Wednesday 9:00 PM or 2100 PDT is equal to Thursday 12:00 AM (Midnight) or 0000 hours EST).
  4. DSR 1:30 AM EST/EDT meeting 7 days/ week is normally hosted by members from the United Kingdom and other countries east of Prime Meridian (Zero Longitude) which actually starts at 6:30 AM Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0) or British Summer Time (UTC+1). Thursday 2:00 PM EST/EDT is also hosted by UK normally starting 7:00 PM GMT/BST local time, currently… . In addition, Daylight Saving Time changes at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in March in the U.S. when we set our clocks forward one hour ahead of Standard Time. We turn the clocks back at 2:00 a.m. on the first Sunday in November, thus returning to Standard Time. However, there is a one week, one hour time difference Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5) or Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4) depending upon the season (Spring forward, Fall back), so please adjust accordingly.
  5. Meetings on Skype require special access. Please contact the administrator. Instructions are posted on the schedule – Click Here. To participate or if you have any questions about a particular meeting, please email the moderator. Keep in mind, Daylight Saving Time effects UK, Central European and Australian time zones in the Fall/Spring (Oct-Nov/Mar-Apr). Moscow does not change. Make sure you are online before the meeting start time. Incidentally, AEDT in Hobart/Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia is very different from EDT in New York.
  6. The “Women Only” meetings require ladies to contact the SA Central Office (callers are screened). Phone toll free (866) 424-8777 or call direct (615) 370-6062. For more info, please refer to Women In SA (WISA).
  7. There should always be a facilitator and/or someone to help secretary the teleconference. If you login early and hear music, please be patient until others join. If necessary, you may be asked to help lead the call and take down a list of names in an orderly fashion. If you are new to the “phone bridge”, we recommend listening to others share to get an idea of the style. There are many calling plans available that offer competitive long-distance rates. We recommend Skype – VOIP. You can also signup for discount plans for North America long distance phone lines.
  8. Each meeting time has it’s own “home group” of members with regular business meetings. If you have any questions, please send an email to Phone meetings are Not intended to replace face-to-face meetings. Please attend local meetings, get a sponsor, and work the steps! You can find many local face-to-face meetings by visiting
  9. In case there is problem with the line, refer to the BACKUP number as follows: Dial: 712-432-5620 and the following code 713-8664 becomes 5661, code 584-3285 becomes 5403 and code 34-9956 becomes 1339. For example, occasionally there is a disruption on the line and all callers need to switch to the backup line. If you were on the Noon call, you will need to call 712-432-5620 and enter 5661#.
  10. The Noon Group meets daily @ 12:00pm EST/EDT. Mondays are reserved for speakers with a minimum of one year of continuous sobriety. Tuesday is a step-study meeting. The rest of the week is a book-study where we read from conference approved literature and then share on the topic. Download the script to get more information.


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For your convenience, we’ve included time zone specific schedules you can easily print out and distribute at face-to-face meetings along with other SA literature.

Los Angeles
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UTC -4/-5 hrs

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