Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are decisions about the website made “unilaterally”?
    • No.  Before the website was ever published, we have sought advice and counsel from ALL members of SA.  We will continue to solicit feedback.  This site depends on the Unity of the fellowship and encourages people to email their opinions to and attend periodic “ad-hoc” committee meetings.  Read more
    • We have continued to listen intently to others on the call and through email thereby being as transparent as possible.  Merely providing a service is our primary mission.  If you would like to join our “ad hoc committee” (formed for a specific task or objective, and dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective = harmony with VIG), please send us a note. Read more
  2. What is the value of the site?
    • Meeting Scripts—the SAPhoneMeeting website allows for one central, user-friendly stop for newcomers and members of Sexaholics Anonymous to get a copy of the meeting format.  Since there are multiple Daily Sobriety Renewals with variations in the questions, it is helpful to get a list of the questions pertaining to that specific teleconference call.  Most of the meetings follow the suggested “White Book” format found in the appendix and is included on the main menu.
    • Rich Content—user friendly, interactive site that allows users to easily find a meeting conducive to their schedule and/or time zone.  Also, there are multiple sections, guidelines and links that offer a wealth of information all easily accessible on the web.
    • Real-time News—the site contains multiple sections related to important announcements.  For example, we offer scrolling headlines updated on a regular basis.  Historically the primary access number used to have connectivity failures and callers needed to use the Backup number.  Frequently, there are changes to the phone meetings and are updated immediately.
    • Infrastructure—We will continue to try and stay ahead of the curve and offer the most advanced technical features and benefits like  In particular, we have designed a repository individual groups can publish their “business meeting minutes” online so folks could access with a secure password (of course) and follow along the chronological events leading up to the present (e.g. discussions and decisions that affect the meeting).
    • Global Presence—the World Wide Web offers a handy reference to people all over the world.  Historically, the schedule of SA Phone Meetings were posted on Yahoo Groups.  However, this required moderation and you needed to subscribe (requiring Yahoo account) to access the contents.
  3. What are some of the challenges with getting the SAPhoneMeeting accepted by all the teleconference groups?
    • Technical sophistication—Facebook is another modern form of social networking, but we need to be very careful of potential triggers.  Many “old school” members who are used to attending face-to-face meetings have tremendous FEAR about the Internet and in some cases even email.  Consider, the unknown ATMs back in the mid-80s.  Many people didn’t trust the integrity of cash flow and the commercial interaction with a machine.
    • Conflict of Interest—Perhaps, more than half of the callers acknowledge that Internet pornography is there primary form of acting out.  Thus, using a website as a central point of contact creates apprehension.  However, living in the 21st century is challenging with all the sexual advertising and culture temptations.  The Information Highway has exploded and has become a normal way of communicating today. Read more
    • Anonymity—Our founding fathers discovered the real spirit of this principle when they were tempted to use their full name for fame and fortune.  Today, this is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the 12 Step recovery program.  It creates a safe environment for addicts who are desperate and terrified that others may discover their secrets.  However, whenever someone opens a normal email from their work computer, it is automatically logged on multiple servers and can easily be traced.  There are many tools for ensuring secure communication (i.e. encryption, https, certificates, etc.).  Even the phone calls themselves pose a risk because currently the lines are not secure and the access PINs are widely distributed across the World Wide Web.
  4. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
    • One of the biggest “red flags” in any organization is when someone makes this comment.  Sure, there is a lot of wisdom in KISS, however, most human beings are resistant to change and generally speaking, if you do not change, you will die.
    • What has been the success of the website?  Read more
    • “I wish the SA Phone Meeting website were available to our Daily Sobriety Renewal (DSR) call”
    • Who else has an opinion? Read more