Updates to the scripts

Lately there have been a lot of updates to the SAPhoneMeetings.  We have tried to capture the most recent updates and publish online so this site is accurate but we need help.  If you are interested in volunteering to help organize this information, please send an email to info@saphonmeeting.org

For example, another new meeting was published on VIG Listings: Central Europe 07:30 pm Every 3rd Thursday White Book Study
Language: French | Phone: 424-203-8405 | Code: 430834#
07:30 pm Fri White Book Study Language: Dutch

Keeping all the individual group scripts up-to-date is very challenging.  We would like to offer some ideas below that we have researched from other 12 Step Phone Bridges / Teleconference meetings => Click here for a sample

Again, we need help with this!  There are many other VERY successful meetings that have some fantastic language and guidelines.  If you come across something, please send it to info@saphonemeeting.org.  Thanks in advance for your support!

Moreover, we have started TESTING a new “pilot” line with more advanced features on the Midnight call.  We believe this will help eliminate background noise, hecklers and disruptions with the primary purpose “Each group has but one primary purpose— to carry its message to the sexaholic who still suffers”  (Tradition 5).  The overall goal is to improve the quality of the 12 Step Teleconference meeting for ALL SA MEMBERS!

General Free Conferencing Service Questions

  1. Is this conference call service really free?
  2. Are you going to sell my contact information?
  3. Can callers outside the United States join my conference call?
  4. Is this a VoIP service like Skype™ or Vonage™?
  5. What about security?
  6. Can you provide me a local dial-in number?
  7. Will I be charged long distance?

Reliable conference call services

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