Shame and Intrigue

When I masturbate to pornography, videos, TV,  magazines,  pictures, etc.

…I typically erase, delete and even burn the images after the climax and high.

Once the “instant gratification” is satisfied, remorse, shame and guilt are soon to follow!

It’s been my experience that acting out/in generally boils down to my desire to fantasize, escape reality because I feel bad.

This is such a big waste of time and money!  Our dis-ease (discomfort & delusional thinking) is very patient. It wants us dead.

I believe there is a little bad in the best of us. Recovery is all about action. We cannot sit around waiting for good things to happen. We have to carry the body and the mind will follow.

Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. But it will always materialize if we work for it.

I also believe you cannot just “gress”. You are either progressing or regressing!

…more updates coming soon