Midnight Group Conscience

This is a PILOT / BETA testing announcement


Unfortunately, there have been too many disruptions on the midnight meeting that we had to move to a more robust line.  We will announce this on the old number until further notice.

NEW Phone #: 712-432-3011   |   Code: 174-189   |   Self Mute: 4*

Announcement Click to hear Audio Greeting

The secretary will ask callers to introduce themselves by first name, where you are calling from, state your length of sexual sobriety.

Please identify yourself with your Area Code (and/or 1st three digits of your phone number) so we can add you to the contact list.  We do this to regulate the call and protect anonymity.  Otherwise, you will not be able to participate. Ultimately, the call moderator only needs to associate this phone number once and from then on you’ll be in the system.

Please keep in mind, this is a “pilot” that we believe is designed to eliminate background noise, hecklers and disruptions with the primary purpose to improve the overall quality of the 12 Step Teleconference meeting for ALL SA MEMBERS.  If you would rather just listen and choose not to participate, you don’t need to mention your phone number or say anything for that matter.

Please announce these changes every night!

Group Conscience

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 14, 2014
(starting approximately 12:40 AM ET)

Opening: Serenity Prayer
Member role call
Reminder: Motion, 2nd, Discuss, Vote, Amend
Chairperson Report:
Read minutes from last business meeting: Attendees & Duration
Review secretaries and vacancies for 7 days/week.
Old Business:
New Business:
Motion to adjourn?
Closing Prayer

Suggested topics/motions:
  1. Group conscience to decide on the new phone line, administrative discussion, etc. Held on Wed, April 30, 2014 on the Midnight call (9pm PDT).  Schedule another business meeting shortly thereafter to revisit.
  2. Announce new phone number so callers can participate.  Meanwhile, we will try to merge the two lines for a period during this transition
  3. Request SA Member volunteers to secretary the meetings
  4. Phone etiquette – when, why and how to mute callers?
  5. Publish agenda, minutes and accountability list online using a SECURE password.  The current temporary password is “midnight” (click here).

Sunday – Catherine
Monday – Dan
Tuesday – Ann (temporary)
Wednesday – Aggie
Thursday – need a volunteer
Friday – ?
Saturday – Marcel

If you would like to volunteer, have any questions and/or suggestions, please send an email to midnight@saphonemeeting.org .  Eric from California and Paul (host moderator) can explain more.

What features do participants have during a conference call? Participants have options from the phone keypad for Self-Mute with 4 then * to mute or unmute themselves, and Raise Hand with 5 then * to raise or lower their hands visible to the host from the online call management. NOTE: A participant cannot unmute their line if host has MUTE ALL enabled.  To Raise your Hand select 5* and the host can individually unmute and mute callers. Note: Raised hands can be lowered by the host online or by participants selecting 5* a second time.

Midnight meeting has two formats depending on the day of the week.  On Monday and Friday it is a “Nightly Reflections” and the script is identical to the 10:15 PM ET meeting. The rest of the week it is a “Book Study” of Sexaholics Anonymous where the format is to choose a “conference approved” reading and then share on that topic.