February 2016

Join our http://saphonemeeting.org/twitter.html and send a text message from your phone. Also, try https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SAonline/info which was started the when the SA Phone Meetings began. Want something else?  Try these resources: http://www.meetingsonline.com http://stepchat.com […]

Do you want to be RIGHT or do you want to be HAPPY? Today on the Daily Sobriety Renewal, our secretary (AKA trusted servant) admitted he got ‘rattled’ when someone […]


Have you ever felt like you were under a spell when looking at a woman (or man, for that matter)? This came up in our SA face-to-face meeting this past […]


Top three (3) “pet pieves” (1) When phone meetings began, they used antiquated phone lines that regularly failed and you could not get through. Thank God they (being VIG, or […]