November 2015

If Sexaholics Anonymous, IT Committee and Teleconference Virtual Intergroup (reports to Mid-Atlantic Region (MAR) do not like the website WE setup, then why did they redirect traffic from (NOTICE […]


How many hits do we receive on this website? We had over 27 thousand hits in 2015, averaging around 2,000 per month. 2015 Statistics 2014 Statistics 1st Quarter: 8,894 page views Highest […]

This is a PILOT / BETA testing announcement   Unfortunately, there have been too many disruptions on the midnight meeting that we had to move to a more robust line.  […]

Who you gonna call?

“Ghostbusters”. Remember that from the 80s? Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd. Whenever I get on the SA Phone Meetings, I often associate someone’s name with a famous celebrity. For example, today on […]