September 2015

My present job as an Uber driver puts me face-to-face with temptation on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there are a lot of parties and festivals this weekend in Baltimore (e.g. […]


Yom Kippur, also known as Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year in Judaism.  Read more  Interestingly enough, while I was sitting in synagogue yesterday with my […]

God, please help me refuse all lust hits as toxic NOW! This moment = 1 sec. Welcome to my world as a “Sex Addict”. I woke up this morning to […]

I am a Sex addict and member of Sexaholics Anonymous. I started attending SA meetings in 1994. I am powerless over voyeurism and wanting to be lusted after.  I also […]

According to the Bible, it would appear that way. For example, in the following helpful verse, it appears that lust is limited to men only. “But I say to you […]

When I masturbate to pornography, videos, TV,  magazines,  pictures, etc. …I typically erase, delete and even burn the images after the climax and high. Once the “instant gratification” is satisfied, […]